Common Mistakes a Homeowner with a New Investment Property Makes

Couple in new homeA new investment property feels like a shiny new toy. You’re excited about it and we can’t argue why. Moving into a new home is such a thrill. Of course, we can’t deny the fact that it’s one that comes with a lot of work too. One never comes without the other.

Sometimes too, homeowners get so excited about their new investment property that they unconsciously let go of logic and do things that harm their house. Do you think you’ve committed the same crimes? Find out with our list below.

  1. Not Understanding the Blueprint

Sure you may not be some engineer, architect or even a handyman but it’s important to understand the structure’s floor plan or more specifically its blueprint. The written and visual layout that holds information on dimensions and other pertinent details will serve as a literal map for when you plan to decorate, update or renovate the space.

  1. Getting Furniture that Doesn’t Complement the Space

Speaking of dimensions, see to it that the furniture you put into the space fits. Plus, it should still allow for complete ergonomics and mobility. Never cramp it or it will feel less functional and breathable. Avoid placing bulky furniture in narrow rooms. To maximize space, make use of lighter elements such as glass or those furniture with hairpin legs.

  1. Investing in Form and Forgetting Function

We all love a house that’s easy on the eyes but as much as decorating is a fun aspect never forget to uphold the functionality of the space too. The two should come hand in hand all the time.

  1. Spending Beyond What Budget Would Allow

Always keep your expenses on track be it with regards to something as simple as a paint job to something pretty massive as a full-on renovation. Know how much you can and are willing to spend. Keep your investment property valuable and not the other way around.

  1. Unpacking Everything All at Once

Moving into a new investment property will come with a series of unpacking but don’t start just yet! It’s best to start it off one room at a time especially those that will have to be used immediately such as the kitchen and the bathroom. This way, there are less unnecessary items lying around. Those off-season items can stay in their boxes a little longer.


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